My First post!!!

Okay, so I thought I would make my first post. I am currently in the process of grinding through this semester, trying to get to May (May 8th to be specific) as soon as possible!!!! I met some amazing people at the EWB conference in Hamilton, and I can’t wait to develop those relationships and get to know them better at pre-departure training in Toronto! Having other people going through the same experience at the same time that I am is a great support system and I’m sure I’ll take advantage of it. I really can’t wait for my JF placement in Malawi with WASH Catalysts. It was actually the main venture that I wanted, and I am BEYOND EXCITED to be working with them for four months. As a kid whose furthest venture was to Cancun (an inclusive resort), this is really a voyage into uncharted waters for me. While there are things about this opportunity that scare the crap out of me, personal and spiritual growth is something that I have been striving for in the past few years. I got baptized not long ago, and I find myself going out of my comfort zone way more often. I’ve always been a picky eater, and that’s gonna have to change. Yesterday, my beautiful mother made some spinach soup that I wouldn’t have touched in ten years! But it was unbelievable. Who knew that a leaf in a hot broth could be that good?

Between school, and getting logistics in order for my trip, My days have been jam packed. I still need to find time to do some research on Malawi, and get more accustomed and comfortable with the cultures and languages practiced there. I really have no clue how to pack for a four month voyage like this one. I’m sure that will be an adventure in itself. Well, I’m gonna sign off for now. I’d like to come up with some kind of cool codename to finish my posts with, or a punny catchphrase. But since this isn’t an anonymous blog and nothing rhymes with ‘Donovan’, that might have to wait for now.

Thanks for checking out my blog! I plan on keeping this somewhat updated with all of my amazing experiences in my trip!

DC signing off! (I swear it’ll catch on)






One thought on “My First post!!!

  1. It stresses me out that you’re already doing things to prepare!! I feel so blindsided still…definitely gotta be making a doctor’s appointment!! It sounds like we’ll have a really great support system between the five of us at WASH 🙂

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